System Reset!

Oh what a difference 24 hours can make.

  After my almost spin out of control Thursday I declared I was taking a personal day.  And I did.  Totally checked out of my to-do list and did not think about what needed doing but instead placed my concentration on taking care of me.

I sat in the sun at Apple Box downtown.  Zola sat in the shade by the water whilst we both basked in the sun.  I plugged in my earbuds and listened to a recording of a teleseminar as the sun kissed my skin and recharged my Spirit.  After a couple of hours we headed over to the Laundromat.

Cemaaj took Zola for a walk round the lake opposite the mall and I did the laundry (he has done it the last few times whilst I was at yoga so that was my seva, my service of gratitude, to him for the day.)

The day just rolled along gently, without force or schedule.

The chaos that had whirled within me only the day before seemed a distant memory.

At 4.30pm I headed over to my yoga class for 90 minutes of more me time.

By the end of the day I felt so much better but guess what?  I had a total Oliver Twist moment and wanted more, so I declared today, Saturday, to be another personal day.

One day is good but two is even better.  So it is now the end of Saturday and I am decompressed, so much so that writing this blog was a big of an effort.  My mind has enjoyed running free and did not want to be engaged.

Another blazing hot that started with yoga and then a visit from one our favorite friends.  We ate delicious healthy food out in the garden and pulled tarot cards.

Now we are preparing a fire to celebrate the full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius, a time of releasing-and I feel released!  We will be burning our notecards with all that we want to release under this powerful full moon.

My Spirit is rejuvenated, my body rested and worked out and my mind calm.  Of course the to-do list remains the same but as I reminded the owner of the coffee today who was a little harried, "The day that we die our to-do list will still have stuff on it." 

Sometimes we just need to put it to the side and concentrate on what is important, rather than what we perceive as urgent.  I have said it before, "Much in life is urgent, little is important."

After all what good is a completed to-do list if we make ourselves sick and or crazy in the process!

So when you feel yourself spinning out of control, I advise you put the to-do list down and take a personal day, or two!  The world will seem a much better place if you do and you will find balance again in the chaos that we call life.

Be kind to yourself because you deserve it.  The to-do list can wait.  A new dawn awaits.

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