Birthing Systems in the Kitchen and Thinking About Systems in My Business

We spent another evening sitting by the river.  We did it the first time a couple of nights ago.  We had been running errands downtown in the evening and stopped by Aqus Cafe.  Given it was a beautiful evening we decided to walk down the river.

Though we had hoped to walk along the river there was no pathway, but we had two benches to choose from.  Looking across the river we could see the boathouse of The Friends of the River, here you can get a free kayak on Sunday mornings and take it up and down the river, for free!  We love the Friends of the River.

Tonight we walked back down, the arms of night were wrapping themselves around the body of the day.  Day was slowly slipping into night in that magikal way that happens only at the end of a summer days in the country.  A very sweet time to sit with my love and watch the current of the water working its way down the river.

Coming home we were a little later than expected, time at the river brainstorming was seen as more valuable than rushing home to do what we need to do.

We are leaving at 7am tomorrow for a morning meeting with our coach and then going over for a strategy meeting with a partner for a new project.

Before leaving in the morning I need a food order for my coach, dinner for Cemaaj and myself, write a blog post and do some edits and research for tomorrow's strategy meeting.  Unfortunately the latter did not make the list once I got home.

The rest however did and I immediately (and now subconsciously) began to think about how I was going to do what I want to do.  What I needed was a system.

This got me thinking about how what we do in our everyday lives can impact our success in business.  Systems are used in every aspect of what we do, be it personal or business.

My main goal tonight was to do what I needed to do in the shortest amount of time, without feeling pressured or hurried, AND to keep my flow whilst doing it.

I sat down for five minutes and thought about the list I had to do, then I thought about each item and the steps involved for each.  And the system was born!

Tune in tomorrow to see how I systematized my night in the kitchen and how that applies to my business.  Love this stuff!  And now I get to go and serve dinner, brown rice with yellow lentil, garbanzo, corn and mushroom masala.  It smells divine and because of the system it can together effortlessly.

Do you naturally create a system or do you struggle to juggle more than one thing at time and find yourself going back over old ground?  Tomorrow I will talk about how to overcome being in the later category, all is not lost!

Goodnight, I have a lovely dinner to eat with my love in our quiet farmhouse, and with the love of my life.  Life is good.

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