Tapping Challenge

The Curious Tale of Avoiding That Which You Think Might Work

So here's a question straight out of the bat for you-Have you, or do you, ever avoid doing something that you know is, or could be, good for you? 

I know I do all the time.  It is one thing to advise another, we all have the right answers in those instances yet when it comes to ourselves we seem to hold ourselves up to a different standard and expectation.

This is how I feel about tapping, on a cerebral level, I think it is powerful, I am a believer in Chinese Medicine and a practitioner of Reiki, so the acupressure points and energy work both make great sense to me, I have seen people use it and it worked for them.  I have watched people like Nick Ortner become international names after bringing awareness to Tapping, or EFT as it is also known.

I first learned about tapping when Nick Ortner was launching his documentary, "The Tapping Solution."  I had already seen his documentary made with The Tree of Life Center about diabetes.  I decided to buy the DVD and book.

Yep, it worked.  And just like Raw for 30, his documentary about diabetes, the participants were chosen for the level of deep anguish their block bought to their lives and the fact that EFT would probably not even exist on their list of possibilities.

The change in each of them was profound.

Yet still I didn't tap.  Well, sometimes I did but mostly I didn't.  Like my blogging it was inconsistent with large intervals between activities.

Then I met Kate Winch, an amazing EFT practitioner and I felt sure I would be inspired to tap.  And I was.  For a minute.  Or  a week.  Maybe two, but not enough to integrate the practice.  Each time I tapped I felt like I was saying the wrong thing, though I know there is no such thing on a logical level but here my mind was deep in the Gremlin Gatekeeper mode of telling me I didn't know what I was doing, I wasn't worth it anyway, who was I to have a beautiful life, why shouldn't I struggle like a lot of people€¦and on and on€¦

Then I saw Kate had an upcoming Abundance Tapping TeleClass.  This appealed to me on two levels, the first that I could support Kate in her work by signing up and the second that I really would be under fire to follow through and see if my theory is correct.

I have worked with Kate on two occasions and both times was blown away with her deep compassion and connection with the person she is working with on stage.  She holds the energy of the room whilst guiding the person on stage through a very personal session.

Does tapping really work?  I think so and in the next 30 days I will be letting you know how the tapping is going and will report any progress as it happens.

I am excited and tonight after tapping on the call for 50 minutes I can feel the bricks in my inner walls work themselves loose.  I am open to my abundance, I am inviting the inner walls to come tumbling down.

It is TIME.

I am not expecting a miracle at this point, I am relying on one.

What do you avoid doing even though you know it would improve the quality of your daily life? Why is the pay off for staying in the pain?  Are you too afraid of actually succeeding?  I would love to know.

Photo Credit:  http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1701