Teeny Tiny Living: €”A Tour of Our New Home

For those who wonder what teeny tiny living looks like here it is! All 200 sq ft of it or as I like to describe it 15 of my small steps from one end to the other, yes that is as far away as Cemaaj and I can be in the house (and that means one in the litchen and one in the bathroom!

Thankfully our office structure has been raised and we will be expanding our square footage by almost half as much again. Right now it has a floor, a skeleton and a roof, tomorrow when we are in the city they will be erecting walls, we are excited to be in our office where we can get organized and get cracking bringing you more valuable content.

How about you? Are you for simple living in a little space or does the thought terrify you (I have friends with closets larger than our entire home!). Would love to know.

Make it a RAWsome day.

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