Teeny Tiny Living: €”Country vs City Living

Today I thought I would share with you some of the things we love about living in the country. As you know we moved from the city to a teeny tiny farmhouse last month. Of course living in the country is quite different to being in the city.

So today we will talk about what we love and tomorrow we will take about what we miss (yes there are some things we miss).

1. One of the things I love most about being here are the peacocks and other animals on the farm, we have geese, guinea fowl, chickens, roosters, a stallion and several mares. Waking up to the rooster call and the peacocks is heavenly. Watching and listening to the funny, gossipy guinea fowl make their rounds in the afternoon is better than a comedy sketch, they screech and run around with their funny little heads atop their beautifully feathered bodies, which provide quite the contrast.

2. Being able to step outside into nature every morning before I have my "outside face" on. The chickens and peacocks don't mind how I look when I get up and I can sit outside to gather my thoughts and pull my daily tarot card.

3. Having our own garden. It has been 25 years since I grew a garden but like riding a bicycle once you get back on it all comes back and what doesn't, you learn along the way. I will be talking more about the garden process in a later post. Those who grow their own produce can attest that nothing tastes as good as a freshly picked salad you have grown from seed. Just watching the seed sprout and take form is magikal in and of itself. We have already learned many lessons we will implement next year.

4. My morning walk where I get further into my thoughts or out of them altogether. Just about every car that passes me walking puts a hand up to wave with a smile. It is a great start to the day.

5. The weather! We both prefer heat to cold and Sonoma summers are lovely, blue skied, sun filled days with a cooling evening breeze and much less fog.

6. Deliberate living in or teeny tiny home. There is no room for things being left out, everything has a place and needs to be in it. Doping tasks that we could do without thinking in our old spacious kitchen take a little more time (like needing the little step to get the Cuisinart blades from a high shelf before using the processor). Living here keeps us organized.

7. The quiet. Other than the animals we cannot hear any street traffic and there is a distinct lack of sirens, I cannot remember hearing one siren in the last month when it was a usual occurrence all times of day and night in the city.

8. Not looking for parking when we get home. Here at the farmhouse we are blessed to have our own pull in driveway so we are able to go in and out as we please. Living in the Mission we started errands that required transport after 4pm so we could park when we got home.

9. Not having to move the car every day for street cleaning. In the Mission we had street cleaning Monday through Friday every day beginning at 12.01am to 6am. Sometimes we did not use the truck and would suddenly remember we had to move the truck at 11pm, otherwise we incurred a $65 ticket.

10. Open spaces. I love driving down the country lanes with cattle, sheep and horses grazing, after living in the city for so long one gets to think we live in a concrete world, but not out here. Nature is everywhere (and that can be both good and bad which we will cover tomorrow!)

There's more I could say but I think we you get the gist. I was raised in a country environment similar to this and have always been happier in the country, though I have been doing city living for the last 20 years.

How about you? Are you a townie or a country person? I would love to know.

PS thanks for the kind comments over at www.facebook.com/cookandbutler, we should have our new site up with functional blog soon. We appreciate you bearing with us in the meantime.

To your greatest health and wealth.