Teeny Tiny Living: €”In It, On It or Under It

In it, on it or under it has been my motto for all the moves I have made (23 since I left home at aged 18). That is to say everything has to have a place and that place is in something, on something or under something. I particularly like the latter in small places as it can create lots of extra storage spots. Drape a table with pretty fabric and "hide away" things underneath.

This move is a little different to the ones that have gone before. For the first time I have boxes that will be stored. Coming from the UK it seems to me to be a very American thing to have additional storage (often outside of the home with a monthly fee no less!) where stuff is stored. It has been my policy to have no storage and if it something didn't have a place it went out on the street for someone else to use.

Perhaps it harks back to moving my great grandmother when I was 7 or 8 years old. She was a true hoarder. We moved her out of her larger to a smaller one in a community. She had magazines piled several feet around all her rooms. Of course she wanted to keep everything. I think I decided then never to have that much stuff.

Now I am somewhere between the two. There is more than can fit into 200 sq ft, so we have some boxes stored in the big red barn. It is mostly art supplies and power tools.

How we hoard, store or clean out is, I believe, closely related to how we think and process our thoughts. If we just keep going and going without cleaning out and sorting through we cannot find what we need when we need it. Our thoughts become jumbled and life is chaotic.

Whilst our thoughts and needs don't take up a "physical" space like our stuff, they do take up considerable energy and disrupt our flow when they are not in order. I am all about a life in flow, it seems easier to me and more in line with the simple life I have craved for so long.

So how do we bring order to our upstairs mind? Taking time to process and feel is essential to me. Of course it can be as formal as a sitting meditation or as informal as a walk in nature, sitting in the park in the sun, doing an activity that requires the €˜thought process" to be turned off because the activity at hand demands total concentration (we don't tend to find ourselves worrying about "stuff' when rock climbing for example because we need to concentrate on climbing).

Basically anything that allows the mind to "breathe." Take a moment to pause, to revel in the beauty and vastness that is always there yet often not seen as we stand in the middle of our own chaos. When we feel big in the world, ie in the center of our own chaos, it is time to go out to nature and feel small again.

How about you? How do you keep order in both your inner and outer worlds? I would love to hear from you.

Make it a RAWsome holiday weekend, take a moment to pause and fully realize the beauty you are in this world.