Teeny Tiny Living: €”Life in a Small Farmhouse

Thirteen moves since I arrived here (San Francisco) from the UK in 1999. Of all of them this was the most challenging and yet is also the most exciting. We have moved from a spacious Victorian one bedroom apartment in San Francisco's Mission district to a teen tiny farmhouse in Petaluma.

Ok how teeny is teeny tiny I hear you ask? 200 sq ft total or for those that cannot conceptualize what that looks like I "walked" the house yesterday. Starting from the kitchen counter, walking through the kitchen, into the bedroom and around the bed to the bathroom is exactly 15 small steps. Yes 15 steps is as far away as Cemaaj and I can be from one another at any time. It's a good job we get on so well!

It is like we are living a miniature life. Our house is detached and sits in its own little garden with a small paddock next to it where an office is going to be built for us. We are on a four acre farm with peacocks, guinea fowl (they are hilarious and always gossiping loudly and moving quickly), peacocks (more about them later, they are incredible neighbors), geese (the bullies on the land!), a stallion, 4 mares and lots of chickens with 4 roosters. It is a lively place to be with little to no sounds of man.

As I type Cemaaj is outside in our mini fenced garden (we can be naked out there and no-one knows!) putting up our "temporary" office-namely our farmers market tent which we are draping with material. For now it will serve as our outdoor office, with temperatures in the 80s and 90s it is nice to be outside and have the shade (helps to be able to see the computer screen with the amount of work we need to get done!).

Moving house, transitioning our business, investing in our dream and a month of 3 eclipses has definitely been a challenge. I look forward to sharing some our stories, triumphs and more challenges with you as we embark on this journey together.

How about you, are you like Cemaaj who spent his childhood moving and has been at the Mission apartment for 17 years or like me who moved only 3 times as a child but has been a little gyspy ever since?