Teeny Tiny Living: €”The Excitingly Scary Cocktail of an On Purpose, Passionate Life

Sunday afternoon at the farm. What a glorious day to be here. It is mid afternoon and I am sat on a blanket next to the fence that surrounds the vegetable garden plots. I am in soft shade under the tree and the breeze is welcomed.

Chickens and roosters run around beside me, and Jersey, the jack russell, runs from one person to another as though on one long adventure (we could learn a lot from Jersey!). The peacocks can be heard in the distance and the geese just walked through. The guinea fowl as always are chirping up their usual gossipy chorus. Cemaaj jokes that he now speaks chicken! A cacophony of sound, none of it man made.

Beware of the geese! They are getting ready to lay and are in super protective mode. As a child I used to walk our Labrador by the river where he was almost attacked by the geese on more than one occasion. Geese are fierce.

Last week one of them found themselves being held by the neck by Silas and tossed over the fence. His comrade took one look at Silas, squawked and ran off flapping her wings. The reason for such treatment was that as he went to feed the peacocks and geese, the geese ran toward him. He needed to assert who was boss, clarify the hierarchy. He has not had a problem since!

It is so quiet here, other than the sound of the farm animals. This is how I grew up, we have horses here too. Earlier I sat in the shade of the opening of the big red barn and watched Prince, an Arab stallion graze idly in the area outside his field just feet from me. His soft nuzzling sounds take me back to my horses in England.

My hear t is so full of gratitude. We have been bestowed amazing blessings this week that enable up to take up opportunities we thought might be a year away. We have moved to this piece of paradise and we could not be happier.

There is an ease in my heart that has not been there in a long time. It is an ease that is tinged with a little fear. One of my favorite cocktails, excitement and fear! As our mentor tells us, if you know how to reach your reach your dream, it's not big enough. If you are not a bit scared then you are not thinking big enough. It's all about getting out of your comfort zone, that's where the magik happens. And that is where we sit now-between the excitement and fear. We are sitting in our own call to action to realize our own greatness (it's kind of scary just typing those words, but that is part of the journey!)

We have big dreams and we are not willing to keep them in our world of slumber. We want to breathe life into our dreams and see them take shape and effect change upon the world. We are here to support others on their journey as we take our own. We are here to live a life on purpose and with passion. How about you? What are you here for? I would love for you to share.

To your passionate and on purpose life.