Teeny Tiny Living – Changing of the Seasons

Fall is here!

We are watching the land change as Fall sets in.  It is amazing how quickly this happens.

Before the rains last week we had crunchy, straw like grass in all the pastures.  A few days of rain and now green grass is poking up everywhere.

The firm ground is now giving way to being softer (and at time slippy!).  Going to yoga in the morning I get wet feet from the dew collecting on the grass.

The horses are starting to get a little fluffy as their winter coats start coming through.

The mornings can be anywhere from socked in skies to beautiful and blue with sunshine, like this morning.

One of the things we love about being in Petaluma is that generally speaking, the sun comes out for a few hours every day, you just have to wait for it sometimes.

In the past week we have had high 80’s followed by a couple of days of unexpectedly heavy rain, and now back in the 80s again.

I can feel the pull of Fall going into winter.  Winter is my least favorite season.  I don’t do so well in winter, I want to eat and sleep, perhaps I was a big mountain bear in a past life.

This year as we go into winter I am thinking about my own personal “Success Strategy’ to thrive through winter and break the pattern.  Right now it is a work in progress as I sort through where my weak points are and how I can turn them into “power points!”

Of course I will let you know as soon as I work it out!

In the meantime do you have a personal “Success Strategy” to get through winter?  I would love to know.