Teeny Tiny Living – Living a Life Beyond My Dreams

As I was narrating this video I came up with the term “Living a life beyond my dreams.”  I have not been able to stop thinking about it since, hence my taxes are tossed to the side as I explore what that means to me and what it could mean for the people we serve.

So many of us are all too familiar with living beyond our means and struggling. 

Creating a life that is beyond our dreams is not impossible though I thought so 10 years ago to this day as I was trying to work out how to “get out” of Corporate America.

And in my wildest dreams I could not have visioned this life I live today. Yes I have my challenges, who doesn’t, but the nature of the them and the reward on the other side are night and day to those of a decade ago.

I look forward to the next decade and even as I dream big I know to put no boundaries on them because even that which is “beyond your wildest dreams” CAN come true?

To a life beyond your dreams