The Challenge of Blogging

Click here and check out my latest guest blog post.

Since I began my blog challenge to post daily starting July 1, 2011, I have written two two-part blog posts for two different sites.

What an awesome feeling to have someone else ask you to write a post for their readers!  You may be an old hat at guest blogging and think nothing of it or you may be like me and didn't even know about guest blogging or be somewhere in between.

Wherever you are let me tell that having two people, both of whom I love and respect and are outstanding in their fields, approach me and ask me to write for them, it makes my heart skip a beat.

Enjoy the post and do let me know where you are on the blogging scale, consistent content or erratic ramblings?

It's never too late or too early to set yourself a 30 Day Blogging Challenge, or find one to join, and get started!