The Character Code System Faces Off With Activist/Artist and a Tarot Reading!

Today in the midst of a gazillion things to do my inner selves decided they wanted different things in different directions and both wanted their way!

So I am doing my taxes but first I made a video (uploading next), did this audio, I have a couple of pictures to make for the vision board (they have been whispering for a while but today they decided was the day for it to be done, as if I do not already have enough to do) and I pulled a tarot card.

My card was Charoite, Path Of Service and what a beautiful reading it made. These small signs keep us on path.

This post is mostly about the tarot card and I share with you as a possibility for you too.

Are you living a life beyond your means or beyond your dreams?

I would love to know and thank you for listening and reading, you keep me going and inspire me.

To life beyond your dreams