The Hidden Cost of Food

Tonight Cemaaj and I were talking about the real cost of food as we washed and chopped and diced and blended in the kitchen. Time is often a factor in the cost analysis, along with organic is too expensive. We agree that too often we have to pay too many dollars at the checkout but in the long term we consider it an investment in our health.

We often hear, I don't have time to make my food. And we understand. It does take time, there is no denying it. You have to plan what you are going to prepare, shop for it, make it and then store it.

We are in a two day workshop this weekend and always take our food with us. As we are away for two days we need to take food for both days when we leave at 6.30am in the morning. A large cooler awaits filling in the garden. The fridge is bulging and cannot fit another thing in it, in fact I am surprised we managed to fit it all in.

A long afternoon and evening in the kitchen I admit. But now we have quinoa confetti salad with a balsamic vinaigrette, jicama pineapple salad with spicy coconut lime dressing, huge green salads with a choice of orange muscat vinaigrette or spicy thai dressing, broccolini with peanut sauce, lemon cheezcake and a few peanut butter chocolate truffles.

All raw, all vegan and totally delicious. Yes, it did take a while to prepare but that is a cost we are willing to pay. The alternative, to eat take out from the mall at the workshop is not a cost we are willing to bear.

Yes, take out would be easier, and we would have been able to other things today. But that is only taking into account the short term cost of take out food. First there is that sleepy feeling, the food coma, that occurs after take out food, nothing like nodding off in the mid afternoon during a workshop. That sluggish feeling that makes you want to curl up and sleep it off.

And then there is the long term cost to our health. We often only see cost as the amount of and money exchanged but when we are talking about food there are hidden costs that are not apparent when you eat it and maybe not for several years. But keep doing it and you will pay, not at the counter but later with your health.

If we were to do a cost and return analysis it would show that the initial cost in terms of time, labor and money would give a better return that the seemingly cheaper and quicker alternative that take out represents.

The effect of food in the long term is an insidious one, that is you cannot necessarily see and feel the damage it is doing but it is doing it nonetheless.

So does this mean you can never have take out again. Absolutely not, of course you can have whatever you want I just invite you to count the cost alongside the convenience and dollar amount.

So my question today is, Does your food provide you with a long term investment in your health or is it compounding into a potentially lethal weapon that will bite back?

I would love to hear what you think about the hidden cost of food. For now goodnight, it has been a long day in the kitchen!