The Joys, Pains and Learning Lessons: Self Sabotage as Our Teacher

I am practically laughing at myself as I sit here and post this entry.  I recorded the video earlier but did not load it to the blog.

Now at 11.15pm I find myself thinking “I will do it tomorrow” but that is the attitude that got me here in the first place.

I need less of that and more muster.

So here I am, mustering up after my confession (you have to watch the video to find out, and get a peek in our office and the 70 degree day we had today)!

Yes, there was more I was going to write, but you know sometimes its not about getting it right it’s about getting it started.

And I needed to get my butt back into gear.

So here we go again Round 2.

What challenges do you come up against and how do you deal with them, I would LOVE to know.

Make it an AMAZING weekend, there will never be another like it!

With love