The Midnight Hour With Shiv, Confession

Time for me to make another shift, walk into some rocky territory, break out of my comfort zone but even more importantly to shift some deep preconditioned beliefs that have surfaced this past week.

They have been hinting for some time but through Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT) with Kate Winch and working with my coach Gail Vilcu I have come to a conscious realization of the root of the cause. 

A mindset shift has occurred, I have had a subtle shift in perspective which has huge impact on my the direction of my course.

And now it is time to ZAP it.  Yes I want to run or at least hide under the covers and drop into a deep and luxurious sleep€¦but where would that get me? I use sleep when life is getting dull or before a huge leap.  And there are times for retreating.

But not now, now is the time to use fear as my sword and not as my shield.

What I want more is to get people thinking and light a spark in them which they can use to fire up their lives. 

The planet needs more happy people.  And as i have said before the beautiful thing about happiness is that it is contagious so go out there and “spread it all about!”

And if you are a little low on the happiness factor go and hang out with people who are happy, you will catch some too.  Or take a walk in nature and realize how magnificent She is and how small we really are in the scheme of things.

No matter what happens in our own lives the world keeps spinning, the sun rises and sets, the seasons come and go.

So let go of that tension and bask in the beauty that is all around us if only we would open our eyes.

Well I digressed but then this is my page so there are no rules! And it is a confession and there are no templates or scripts for confessional posts.

Do you have a confession about a limiting belief that is holding you back?

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