The perfect no shop, no cost, super thoughtful holiday gift for your loved ones

Sat nam my love

Tis the day before Christmas and much as the tales tell of all being quiet and calm, quite often this is not the case, there are presents to be bought and wrapped, food to be shopped for, prepped and cooked, family to organize and arrange and countless other little things that need doing before the holiday is upon us.

Perhaps you still need a gift for your loved ones and have no time, not to mention energy and inclination, to get to the mall. Don’t worry my love. I got you covered, and it won’t cost you a penny, you won’t need to leave your house, and your loved ones will be stoked to receive it.


Have you given this gift recently? How about asking for this gift for yourself from a busy loved one? Be creative and have fun with the vouchers, they are always well received because of the thought behind them, the missing piece to many gifts. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you are warm, and your heart is peace-filled,

All love to you.

Sat nam