The Power of Words

"I want to simplify my life!"

My lesson in the "Power of Words."

Who knew that these 6 words would create a whole new volume in the book of my life.

Have you ever spoken something out loud and it happened?

I told my friend at Harbin that I wanted to simplify my life.  One week later I nearly died in a house fire and lost all my possessions.

All I had to my name was a fire report, talk about creating a simple life.  I had openly manifested a change in my circumstances.  Perhaps it was not the way I might have chosen to make the change I was looking for, but that's the way the Universe decided to give me what I asked for.

Be careful what you ask for, it might just happen.

At the time I had no idea of manifesting and its power.  When I emailed my new friend from Harbin to tell him I had lost everything in a fire he wrote back, "You are a powerful woman.  Your words are powerful, be careful what you wish for!"

I had never heard anything like it, yet it struck a chord so deep within me.  I had lived life loving coincidences in retrospect.  Now I was learning that in fact we are co-creators of our Destiny. 

My minds started spinning with possibility.  How had I lived on the planet for 35 years without knowing this nugget of gold?

Why had no-one told me about this fabulous power of manifestation?

Life would never be the same again with this information.  I began speaking what I wanted, to anyone that would listen!

It was amazing the things I started to manifest once I had this information.  I even manifested a custom made road bike to ride to LA.  When I signed up for the ride I had a clunky old mountain bike.  It was quickly replaced by a beautiful road bike and the following year I received the gift of my custom bike.

From clothes, to bikes, to places to live and the right people at the right time.  It all came from me speaking out what I wanted.

A year earlier I had seen a wall in Mexico with the following words:

Be aware of your thoughts they become your words Be aware of your words they become your actions Be aware of your actions they become your Destiny

Though they resonated at the time it was not until the fire and the email from my friend that I truly realized how powerful our words and thoughts are.

How about you?  Do you remember when you first learned that manifestation is something we have within us?  I would love to hear your story.

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