The problem with saving the best for last, Day 2 of 40 Notes to Self

As a child I never understood the concept of keeping the nicest things we own for best. Best china, best shoes, best lead cut crystal (before anyone realized what lead cut really meant btw), sometimes even whole rooms are cordoned off “for best”.

The thing is we never know when the best of the best is coming. Or when it will be gone. We can try to make it the best, by literally bringing out the best we have-the china, glasses, shoes etc. but the acid test is the memory or memories the occasion spurns.

And here’s another thing, the best is the time we have right now. It’s all we have. The past has gone, the future is not yet here, all we have is now.

I feel a familiarity with this concept after my brush with the feeling of the shadows of death, as the thought, “I’m gonna die right here, right now,” ran through my mind.

Of course I am here so I didn’t die, but most of my things, best or not, fried in that fire. They turned to dust. And I learned a valuable lesson, just because I am here today planning what I will do tomorrow does not mean that tomorrow will dawn for me.

Even as recently as this past June I have had another whisper when I was being pumped with morphine diagnosed with a kidney infection and stone just 12 hours after declaring I had never felt better in body and mind. I had planned to be at the river that day but there I was, in the Emergency Room, really very far from feeling the best.

Life changes in a moment, and often that moment is not planned or announced. Every moment of life is here to be lived, and so many, like me before I made this leap, are merely surviving, crawling their way through.

One day it will be lights out forever, and I feel it is that window of time, the one when you know it is a one way trip, that is the most precious. I don’t want to go into my next chapter kicking and screaming, or heaven forbid, chronically ill and or incapacitated. I don’t want to feel unprepared, nor those around me.

Regrets are not on my bucket list and I do my damnedest not to collect any more than the two I already have.

We can escape death once, or maybe even more, but one thing is for sure, when it’s time for lights out, death won’t take no for an answer. This is one expiration date that is not stamped out at time of manufacture! And not one of is immune, no amount of money can buy more time or save us from our ultimate fate.

So after losing almost everything I owned, and gaining a life I didn’t know exists, here is one thing that I know and live every day. The best time I have is RIGHT NOW. When I love something I don’t put it away for best, I get it out, use it and get pleasure from it every time I see it.

Check out my cabinets and closets, you won’t find tiers of things, the not so good, day stuff and best. Oh no, only my faves get to come out daily. I live in a tiny cottage where cabinet space is premium, only faves get to hang out in my cupboards! Drinking my tea or chai is so much better out of my favorite cup than from a poor second.

So dump out those seconds, bring forth the favorites and live the best life ever every minute of the day. Life is an experience waiting to be encountered, how we do that is up to us.

What I know is that we have to stop waiting for the best time for things to happen and start creating the best we can with the best we have, right here, right now. Get some best power going in your life and watch your heart smile. You are likely to also find the world smiling back at you as well.

It’s time to stop doing our best and start BEING our best, every minute of every breath we are licensed to breathe, for one day our body will be called in, our license will expire, and our breath will have nowhere to go.

What about you my love, are you nodding in agreement that you save the best for best and thinking, hmmmm, I’ve got more room for some best power in my life, I might try this?

Perhaps you already know the magik of sprinkling the power of best throughout your day and life. Either way I’d love to know where you fall on the spectrum. Alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more.

Let me end with this quote from Yogi Bhajan, yes I love my quotes, they have carried me through some storms, anyway he tells us that it not about the life that we live but the courage we bring to it.

Your most beautiful, courageous life starts with the best moments, and now you are the conscious creator of those moments, where will you begin? Ok enough questions for one post.

I will be back tomorrow, this is day 2 of the 40 day challenge I decided to gift myself! to be honest the hardest part of all is not the writing, that is quite easy once I am here, but the choice of an image, oh that gets so tedious-and there, you have me whining at you when I am saying goodbye, so goodbye and thank you for joining me, I will be back tomorrow with more Notes to Self.

Always in love
Sat nam