The Thing About Commitment Is to Carry Through

Thirteen days after leaving my job as corporate lawyer I started Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. In a time when much of the world made no-sense to me, Kundalini Yoga was (and remains) my saving grace. Though I had only been introduced to the practice 4 months before I started training, I knew it resonated with me and would be a valuable tool in the [unknown] journey ahead of me.

During our six month training I learned so much. Part of our training included a 40 day no processed food vegan diet. In numerology 40 days is an important number (and there are many). We learned that in order to change one habit one needed to abstain for at least 40 days for that habit to be history and for new habits to take its place.

Our teacher, Sat Santokh Singh, took great delight in explaining that when one undertakes a 40 practice the most important thing is to do that practice every day for 40 days. He told us the first time a day goes by and you do not do your practice you no longer have a 40 day practice and you are back to zero.

When guiding my students through a 40 day practice I would remind them of the same thing. You have to do it EVERYDAY or you go back to zero.

Today as it grows dark outside and I have not written my daily blog entry I am reminded of Sat Santokh's wise words. At the beginning of the month I undertook and committed to blogging every day in July. The reasons behind this commitment were many but one of the main ones was accountability. Accountability to myself to carry through on the commitments I make with myself.

Today Cemaaj and I started our summer Master Cleanse. After a productive morning we both found ourselves with headaches and a desire to close our eyes. Being on a cleanse means giving yourself the time and space to do what your body needs to do, so we closed our eyes.

Then time passed and we had two evening coaching calls which we just finished. My daily blog entry was not done. No-one is going to penalize or punish me for not writing today and I could just have said, "I'll do it tomorrow." But as I said I am currently working on my commitments to myself and honoring them. So here I am. And my blog entry for the day is done.

Is it perfect, is it what I thought it would be? No, but then sometimes in life it's not about getting it right it's about getting it started. And that is where I am at tonight. I can now sleep knowing that I fulfilled my commitment to myself and my 31 day practice is still alive.

How about you? Do you work on honoring your commitments to yourself as much as you do to others, or is it easy to say no to yourself and break that internal agreement you made with yourself?

It is an area I can struggle with as I get busy for everyone else and leave myself in the cold. I would love to know how it is for you.

Now I can sleep soundly and come back tomorrow with the content I planned for today. The world will keep spinning!

Goodnight and sweet dreams.