Time Management: €”Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?


The words time management can make many entrepreneurs run for cover whilst others will get out their orderly lists and stopwatches relishing the productivity they get from their systems.

Of course it all depends on your personality type, or your Character Code„¢, as to how you approach time management.  Some have lists of 3-6 priorities they want to achieve for the day/week and others have pages and pages of to do lists.

Time is money right?  So there is another part of the time management equation in that ideas can flow and we can get bogged down by being idea bunnies!  Lots of ideas but no implementation or carry through.

The other thing about ideas is sorting through what is not only a good idea but also a viable idea in terms of time, skills and resources needed to implement said idea.  Viability is an important aspect and one we can overlook when we get passionate (as we do) about our latest and greatest idea.

Of course this does not only apply to our business lives but also our personal lives.  I consider my time, personal or business, to be my most valued asset.  When we understand time as an asset we realize that we don't want to get caught up in "giving it away." 

So again the viability aspect comes into play, how long will this take me, do I need to buy/hire additional resources to get it done, do I need to spend time learning something new, do my people want AND need this, what is the return (this may be financial but could also be pleasure, feeling good, helping others and many more emotions that serve as the ROI, or return on our investment of time.)

In times when I am trying to assess the viability of putting my time and energy into something and it is not immediately clear whether or not to do it, I ask myself one simple question:

"Is the juice worth the squeeze?"

This 6 word question will often give me the answer more clearly (and certainly quicker) than a day of contemplating (though there are times for that as well.)

So the next time you are torn about investing your time and energy into something, I invite you to ask yourself, "Is the juice worth the squeeze."

May all your returns on your investments be happy ones!