Traffic Is a Great Equalizer – €”Which Lanes are YOU Traveling In?

We all know that life is a journey not a destination. We are all traveling somewhere. Some of us are clearer on where we are going, some of us have no idea and others of us know we are stuck.

Which lane are you traveling in? Are you flowing with the traffic or stuck in it?

I think about this every time I cross one of the Bay bridges or travel on the freeway. Most times the thought comes to me when we are flying one way yet the people traveling in the opposite direction are at a standstill. Cars lined up like a parking lot.

Traffic is a great equalizer. It doesn't matter whether you are in a sporty Porsche or an old hoopty, no-one is going anywhere fast.

Yet when they cast a glance across to our side of the freeway all cars are moving. Sitting in their own "parking lot" just feet away from fee flowing traffic, yet they are having a totally different experience.

At these times I want to scream out loud, "You're just in the wrong lane!"

I don't believe anyone one of us likes the feeling of being "stuck." Be it in traffic, a job, a relationship or a body that does not fully reflect who we are on the inside.

The challenge is that life has many lanes and we each travel in them every day; the lane to work, back home, to our relationships and ultimately to our very selves, the body that is out home.

So whilst some of our lanes may be free flowing, some may slow moving or even static, stagnant. For example, we may have the job of our dreams yet are stuck in a debilitating relationship. Or we may have the relationship we always craved yet hate the job we do. Or we could just be stuck in all the wrong lanes at the same time.

In the late 90s I was in the latter category. I was supposedly "successful" living my life as an international lawyer. From small roots in Nottingham, England to practicing corporate law at a top 5 law firm and living in San Francisco.

Yet I ballooned to more than 200lbs, was constantly sick and more unhappy than I thought possible.

I was traveling in all the wrong lanes. Not just one, all of them. It seemed impossible to make the leap over to the "other side" of the freeway.

Fast forward 10 years and I now find myself on the other side of the freeway. No longer stuck in traffic, my car is flowing with the traffic. I did it, I changed lanes and in doing so my WHOLE life has changed.

I have the relationship I also desired yet dared not to dream of, I love what I do in the world and I shed over 65lbs of that "old body."

I won't try to say that it was easy. In fact it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It did not require just one leap of faith but many. And the lane changes continue. The pursuit of a dream is littered with hurdles every step of the way. But I can say it is the most beautiful journey I have ever undertaken. Each hurdle leapt has its reward.

There is movement in my life now. I am no longer living a "stagnant null and void" life.

So my question to you today is, "What lanes are you traveling in?" Are they all free flowing or do you find yourself "stuck" in the traffic?

As you think about which lanes you are in, I will leave you with a Chinese proverb:

"Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of only standing still."

To your life on purpose and with passion.