Miracles will never cease – we made it to our second podcast, and I’m feeling all kinds of good. I said last week, or was it really the week before, don’t judge us, we will find our weekly rhythm once we have found our uploading rhythm, that having a show is something I have dreamed about for a long time.

Writing is cool but there is something so very special about the connection with a mic, my voice and a yearning to share-there is such a deliciousness to the moment that I know this is something my Soul loves to do. For me there is peace with a microphone, a freedom that tastes so good, it leaves me wanting more. Do you know that feeling?

And every time I record a podcast and post it, my dream takes on more life, a dream in motion is a beautiful thing indeed. May we all open to our dreams in motion, imagine how powerful the world would be with all our dreams lit up.

Renegade Health asked me to share my before and after story of how I not only lost 85lbs but also gained so much more than I had bargained for, including finding happiness, the love of my life, and my business partner in the process.

Read the Renegade Health article here or listen to it below

It really is never too late to live the life you imagine and be the person you know you are inside. It may not be easy to make these changes but when it becomes more difficult to stay the same our perception of what is tough can often change, at least that has been my experience and the experience of those that I work with.

“And then the day came
When the pain to remain
Closed tight in a bud
Became more than the pain
It took to blossom” ~ Anais Nin

I remember the first time I saw this quote after one of my early acupuncture sessions with Dr. Chang. I had finished my treatment, was feeling calmer than I was accustomed to at the time, and as I went to turn off the light I saw the Anais Nin quote.

I reached into my bag, pulled out my journal and scribbled it down. That quote has been my constant companion for the past 13 years, perhaps it will call to you as well. Perhaps you too are tired of being closed tight in a bud and just long to get your petals out, to do and feel something radically different to all that has come before. That is the feeling that (for me) precedes something big (and often chaotic) happening-the prelude to the UpRising in your own life.

For the lucky ones a revolution follows, for the not so lucky a life of mediocrity at best foreshadows a life that could have been so much more.

I know which one I choose-how about you?

“Nobody said transformation would be easy,” said the butterfly to the caterpillar.

Too often we are looking for something radical that needs changing when in actuality it is often merely a shift in perspective that will set us on a different course.

In the months before the fire I was frantically scribbling in my journal that I needed to get out but I couldn’t find a way. Within a few weeks of nearly dying in the house fire I had secured a way out of my life as an international attorney and into a life I could not yet see but could feel.

There’s so much more I want to share and we will have lots more time for that, En Shallah. Though I am bursting with ideas of topics and conversations I want to start with you, I would also love to hear from you, what would you like to know more about, what conversation would you like to start?

Enjoy the podcast at the end I go a little renegade myself when I stop narrating the article and go to my free form (somewhat crazy) self, for fun and kicks I left it in, this show is real from the inside out, we are just two kooky people sharing a vision and passion and we are so grateful you are here as well.

We will make a deal with you right here and now, we will be ourselves and you can be yourself, no pretenses, just all of us being our true selves. Sometimes the most radical movement is to just be yourself. It’s revolutionary!

How about you. have you made a change in your life? Did you survive a near death experience to see life differently? We would love to know, do share in the comments below, it means so much when you do.

It takes a village to raise a podcast, if you enjoyed it please do share the love and let your friends know about us, the forces are gathering, there’s the smell of rebellion in the air, there is no time like the present to start to live the life you truly desire and to be you.

To Your Revolutionary Self, Viva La Revolution, Be You Now!
Love always, in all ways.


P.S. We are working on a schedule for the shows, we have interviews lined up with some super cool, regular people who made changes to live the life they dreamed of, along with the weekly show hosted by both Cemaaj and myself, covering anything and everything and getting the conversation started, and I will be recording my early journals and poetry, kitchen recipes, tips and tricks, along with anything else I am moved to share.

We could wait until it all lines up perfectly but with so much going on right now, we feel the best way to go forward is to go forward! Sometimes it’s not about getting it right, it’s about getting it started. So do bear with us whilst we are “under construction”. All in divine time, we will be in our new home and can really get to sharing and unfolding the vision we have.

All of this, along with our new website has me sitting in gratitude.

If I had told my 12 year ago self that I would be sitting here at my kitchen table watching the hummingbirds feed as I work away from my desk, writing to you, she would not have believed me. Yet here I am. No longer working 80-100 hours a week, no longer sick and tired, no longer obese and the no longer sad from the inside out.

Like Paulo Coelho says in The Alchemist, if you want something badly enough, the powers of the Universe will conspire to help you, though there may be challenges along the way to test how badly you want said thing.

If some part of you, deep down, harbors a thought to live or be on the planet differently, don’t keep quieting that voice and ignore it, get to know it and tap into what could be possible for you.

As Yogi Bhajan said, “Happiness is your birthright”. It’s time for us to join together and support one another in living the life we born to live.

In solidarity of the dream unfolding…what’s next in your dream to unfold?

I will see you on the other side.

All love
Sat nam
Shiv Charan

  1. Sue poyneer says:

    Twenty years ago I fell 20 feet off a ladder onto my driveway..face first. I broke both arms, my nose,injured my head and lost teeth which required mouth reconstruction. I was a single parent. Two years prior I had lost my father to lung cancer. Three years prior I lost my boyfriend to a sudden heart attack. Three years after my accident I lost my mother to lung cancer. After I had recovered from all of this I was hit by a truck walking while on vacation. In Vermont.

    I had to retire from Speech Pathology early due to my head injury.

    I took up gardening. It has been my therapy. It has taught me to keep on keeping on.

    I struggle financially, but I am blessed in many ways.

    I have been so uplifted by Shiv and her story.

    So happy to see this website was finally birthed. I look forward to all it has to offer me and the world.

    • Shiv says:

      Dearest Sue, thank you for sharing your story, you have lived lifetimes in the years you have been on the planet. Your heart is so big and thus had been able to stretch through all you have endured, and still you smile and have a kind word for everyone.

      I love getting to know you through your FaceBook posts and shares, you are an example of keeping a smile while keeping on, keeping on.

      Yes the struggle can often be financial and like you say that is nothing compared to the blessings we can count if only we are open to see them. I love your view on the world, and I am so Blessed to be among your friends. One day we will meet in person, I am sure.

      I feel your love for our new home, we are still the proud parents, cooing over our creation now she has entered the world. Thank you for all that you are and the light you bring to my heart.
      Sat nam