Turning off the Gremlin Gatekeepers: €”Sometimes All You Need To Do is Show Up

Tonight is one of those nights that I find myself sitting at the computer when I would really like to be curling up in bed and getting an early night. I know that probably will not happen because it is 10pm and I am here writing to you!

Why not just curl up and write tomorrow you might ask, I mean you are probably not sitting by your computer waiting for my post (or are you? LOL).

I have talked about commitment before and no doubt it will come up again, it is a subject we can all resonate with. And, if you are anything like me your commitment can waiver like the weather changes in San Francisco.

It generally depends on what it is as to whether I keep my commitment to myself but I am trying a new way of being which is less about keeping the commitment and more about honoring myself by keeping my commitment to myself.

Do you see the subtle difference between the two?

I have experienced time and time again (and then some) how my Gremlin Gatekeepers (GGs) get fueled by my own actions or rather lack of them. Talk about poisoning yourself from the inside out. How bizarre I started to think to myself that as I walk the path of becoming true to my purpose and passion, and helping others to do the same, I am still engaged, at times, in battle with the dastardly GGs residing within.

Now my GGs are not going to go away, they have a place inside and can be used to cultivate practices that enhance my life rather than committing the self sabotage they so love! When I know something is going to trigger the GGs I can take at least the minimal action to stop them in their tracks.

Tonight that means sitting here and talking about the resistance I felt even though I really want to write the post, I am just in a I want to curl up and be snuggly mood as opposed to sitting on the bed with my computer, with a screen that just feels too bright tonight, sitting upright when I would like to relax back.

It was a long and lovely day and I got home from yoga at 6.45pm before we jumping on our weekly coaching call from 7-9pm¦and then I realized I still had a post to write.

So here I am, I showed up and sometimes that is all you need do. You have met your commitment when you show up. Now if I did this every day then I would not be honoring either myself or my commitment. But we are each of human and sometimes we don't feel like doing something, even something we love, because we are not in the mood at that moment.

These are the times, occasional times, that I invite you to show up and surrender the rest. I do that with yoga and the gym, if I don't feel like going I think of how I will feel after and how my GGs won't have the fuel to say, Ha you did it again, you didn't go when you said you would. And I go knowing that no matter what I do inside I have honored my commitment.

Now as I said do this every day and you will not feel good about yourself, this is about finding a middle ground, a permission that sometimes you just need to show up and no more, and hey, you never know when you get there you might just enjoy it (hmm look at this post I thought it would be two paragraphs and out but I have trouble stopping my fingers! AND I feel good that once again my daily blog post has gone out, 21 posts in 21 days).

So the next time you don't feel like doing something I invite to show up and surrender the rest, at the least you will have done what you said you would do and you never know you might even enjoy it and have a good time!

Do let me know what you GGs say to you and how you deal with them, it's always good to have extra strategies to deal with the little buggers.

Now I am off to curl up and turn off the computer and it wasn't all that bad!