Vegan Quinoa Confetti Rainbow Salad Recipe

We take this to workshops for our lunch and to potlucks and it is always a winner with everyone. Super easy to make and lasts for 5 days in the fridge so it is easy to prepare at the beginning of the week for a quick go to meal.

Quinoa was a principal grain of the Incas and held the sacred status of being the Mother Grain. Belonging to the grass family it is a high energy food and easy to digest (great for those who are convalescing and those who are very active and everyone in between). It is Gluten Free and a high quality protein including the amino acid lysine. It also contains more calcium than milk.

And did I mention IT TASTES DELICIOUS!

Here is the full recipe: Makes a large amount for a potluck so feel free to half the recipe¦

4 cups of quinoa, rinsed well, cooked and cooled To cook quinoa in rice cooker add 4 cups of quinoa to 4.5 c of water, put on white rice setting.

On the stove add 4c quinoa to 6.5c water bring to boil and allow to simmer slowly with lid on for 12-15 until water is absorbed and quinoa has expanded with little rings around it


There are no rules here, use what you have, I like crunchy and below is what i used on the video

5 carrots diced 5 stalks celery diced 1.5 apples diced 4oz sugar snap peas diced 1 red bell pepper diced Fresh organic corn (we didnt have corn in the video but it is a delightful addition both for flavor and color)

Dressing: Again this is a large portion but it does keep very well. Basically half and half oil and a small amount (proportionately) of maple syrup. take to work in a jar and leave in the fridge for days when you don't have time to take lunch. Grab a to go salad and use your own organic dressing.

1/2 cup olive oil 1/2 cup balsamic (I love fig balsamic) 2 tbsp maple syrup Himalayan salt and pepper to taste Crushed garlic (optional)

Whisk dressing ingredients together or put in jar and simply shake up (it's that easy!)

Dress only the portion of salad you wish to eat and store remainder separately for up to 5 days (dressing will keep longer).

Top with avocado and add some sliced almonds (toasted is nice) or pine nuts and enjoy

We would love to hear what you think and post photos when you make it.

Make it a RAWsome day