Video Blog Challenge, Week 3, Let’s Talk Accountability

In my third video of the Video Blog Challenge I talk about accountability as a key factor in overcoming challenges we have.

As you know I undertook this challenge because I had a deep desire to make videos yet my Gremlin Gatekeepers kept me away from the screen.  Making videos with recipes was easy but just me and the camera was a way bigger challenge to overcome.

So I “picked” my challenge and decided to make it into a triumph by putting myself on the line to do 4 videos in 4 weeks.  I announced it on FaceBook and enrolled my friend Lara Baeza Fernandez to do it with me so we could hold one another accountable.

Guess what? It worked we are now in week 3 of 4 of the challenge and we are on our way.

Look out for a Video Blog Challenge I will be hosting in November so you too can join me on the big screen, I am sure you have something to say and that there is someone out there that needs to hear it.

The great thing about facing your challenges and turning them into triumphs is that you take away the power the fear of the challenge holds over you.  And moreover you then have a triumph over a challenge where before there was only a challenge you were afraid to stand up to.

Don’t use fear as your shield, use it as your sword.

Today’s question is who holds you accountable?