We Have Entered the Other Side of the Holidaze – How Was It for You?

seriously, how are you now that the holidaze and New Year have come and gone?

it can seem easy back in the dark corridors of October and November planning all the new stuff we can do in the “New Year” and then it comes and suddenly we are on the other side.

and if you are already getting yourself in a spin because you didn’t make resolutions or have already failed to keep the ones you made, STOP!

right now, stop it!take it from one who has been around this particular block a time or two (ok decades or more!), it is time to stop struggling against the flow, it is time to get INTO the flow.

the revolution is over, evolution is now, struggle is so Age of Pisces, as we enter the Age of Aquarius it is about tapping into our own unique psyche and choosing strategies that work with the way we are wired rather than one size fits all-which it doesn’t, so nobody wins.

so whatever has not worked in the past, it is time to let it go.  try something new, a different way, YOUR way!

what does YOUR way look like, I’d love to know so let me know down below!

and remember, new year is a new beginning but then so is every breath we take, between our breaths and the new year there are many ways to set yourself up for success

to life on YOUR terms

Shiv and Cemaaj

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