Welcome Back to the Light: Happy Solstice

today is Work-Week Wednesday and we ask, “does your work fit YOU?”

it’s a question well worth asking.

i was thinking about this video in the shower before I sat down to load the post.  in my small steamy bathroom i decided that life is like a jacket.  and just like jackets, life comes in all shapes and sizes, a multitude of styles for myriad purposes.  and just like life, one jacket does NOT fit all.

have you ever felt like you were living someone else’s life?  i know i did for the longest time. in fact it was not until i was nearly 35 that i finally felt like i had at least thrown off the jacket that did not belong to me.

you see as we grow and evolve, others clothe us.  they choose the style and color and this determines who and how we grow into our present selves.  the challenge comes when the coat given to us does not fit, it is the wrong size, style or for the wrong season. 

imagine a thin cotton jacket in the antartic.  or a sealskin jacket in bermuda.  torture in both cases.  now a sealskin jacket in the antartic and a thin cotton jacket in bermuda, this may be closer to the mark.

so my question to you today is whose jacket are you wearing?  does it feel like one that you have had forever or is it itching and just not right?

in our quest to create a life on our own terms casting off what does not work, even in lieu of a replacement, can be the first step we need to take to find the jacket that has been hanging in the closet waiting for us to hand in our coat check.

so, as we approach the end of this year, we invite you to look at your coat check ticket, after all life is so much better when we have the right jacket for the job.  we don’t have to wear fur in the dessert or cotton in the snow.

and if it is not your coat, throw away that stub and begin the journey to find your coat.

here’s to creating a life on YOUR terms

Shiv and Cemaaj