What Does “Being Stuck” Mean to You?

What does “Being Stuck” mean to you?

How are the ponds of your mind?

Following on from yesterday’s topic of being stuck, your question is:

“What does being stuck mean to you?”

What image and or feeling does that bring up for you?  Be it in your life and or your business.

Do you resonate and respond, ”Oh boy if only you knew how familiar I was with stuck, I am the master of stuck, it’s what I do best?”

Or, do you see stuck as a place that precedes a break through of some sort.  That being stuck is a catalyst to do something different for a different result.

After all, we are all familiar with the doing the same thing and expecting different results syndrome aren’t we?

I know I am.  Going round in circles ad repeating steps is not the path I am on.  Of course it will happen but I will do my best to recognize the challenge for the growth it will ultimately provide.

So as you can see, I am in the latter of the two groups. Stuck for me is a common thread when I evaluate the route to  the successes I have, often times a break through has happened as a result of my utter desperation at feeling stuck that it initiates a different course of action on my part and of course this in turn, puts me back in motion.

It almost doesn’t matter which direction you set off in, it is the getting into motion that is key.  Do whatever it takes to getting moving, as the Chinese proverbs says, “Do not be afraid of going slow, be only afraid of standing still.”

I like to imagine my mind as a body of different waters, lagoons, oceans and pools, some very deep and mysterious and others very visable and transparent.  But water needs to flow, or it becomes stagnant.  Depending on the size of the water dictates how much and how often the waters need to be stirred.

The same with our mind, it needs to be stirred into action.  It is more powerful than we can imagine and if we don’t utilize its capabilities it gets bored and mischievous like a three year old child.  And as fun as a three year old is I for one don’t necessarily want her to make all my decisions (though there are definitely some she can make-LOL)

Taking a leap, of whatever nature, stirs all the waters in the mind.  Stagnation and ‘stuck-ness” give way to movement, be it choppy or fluid, and in movement we have opportunity.

What do you do when you are stuck or paralysed into inaction?  Do you have a special way of dealing with it or does it get the better of you everytime?

Tune in tomorrow for a Reality Check Exercise so you can “check-in” with how you deal with “Stuck”!

In the meantime I would love for you to share your stories on stuck.

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