What if feeling good doesn’t have to be so hard?

Sat nam lovely!

I have a question for you. Is it time to fire on all cylinders? How would you like to start feeling better in your skin? I call this feeling radiant.

What if I told you one way to feeling more radiant is as easy as sitting down with the breath? I have great news, one way to feel radiant every time is indeed to do pranayama, otherwise known as breath work. And of course I have the perfect set for you.

Our bodies are not too different to our cars. Imagine if you had a 4 cylinder car. You depend on this car, and it gets you everywhere, though you often don’t put enough time and money into it. And of course you know it’s only a 4 cylinder car but in fact there are times you would like, maybe even expect, 6 cylinder performance from it. The problem is further compounded because it’s now only firing on 3 of the 4 cylinders.

Houston we have a problem!

How many times have you treated your body in the same way as the car above? Expecting it to keep going without much input or effort on your part, wanting more than it is capable of giving you and not making the most of what it can do?

Of course we are all familiar with our physical bodies, and some know they have a Soul body. But what if I was to tell you that you (and me, and everybody we know) actually have TEN bodies?

One of my all time favorite Kriyas is called Awakening to the Ten Bodies. This Kriya literally wakes up each of our 10 Bodies and leaves you feeling so good you will come back for more!

The Radiant Body is the 10th of the 10 Bodies and is the field of energy that, when strong, extends up 9′ from each of us. It can be described as the feeling of liking or disliking someone, without even knowing them.

When the Radiant Body is strong and in balance, even the most challenging of times can flow more smoothly. When it’s strong, we also have more courage, strength and stamina to deal with the challenges our lives bring us.

There is so much power within us and in today’s fast moving world, it can be easy to forget to tap into it. Perhaps you have yet to be introduced to your own inner engine room? If you are ready to feel better from within come and take some time with me today, join me by the pool and let’s get this radiance train out of the station.

Full of dynamic breathing and easy to master postures, this Kriya is perfect for raising your vibration. Watch the world around you begin to notice and ask what you are doing differently.

Whether you are a beginner who has never done yoga or you are a seasoned practitioner, this Kriya will leave you feeling lighter and brighter. As always don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and let me know how much more radiant you feel at the end.

I do hope you take the time and let your breath fill you up from the inside out. Let me know in the comments down below how it was for you.

It truly is my blessing and pleasure to sharing these sacred teachings with you, may the benefit of these teachings be dedicated to all sentient beings and may we all radiate love and peace for all eternity.

Sending buckets of love, rainbows and unicorns from me to you. Do enjoy this wonderful kriya.

Radiant Body Kriya to Keep Up Spirit
Breathe life into your Radiant Body.

Oh and before I say my last Sat nam for this post, can I just say how exciting it is to have our pretty new home, what do you think so far? You likey? This is our place to make change together, I want you to feel at home here.

Alone we can do some much, together we can so much more.

Sat nam