What Will Your Eulogy Say?

In memory of my dad, I love you so very much, I see your eyes as the blue sky and your breath as the wind and I dedicate each day to live, love and serve.

This was a tough video to make, and yes those are tears streaming down my face. let me catch you up on events since I last saw you.

It is a week since my return from the UK.  I have not been back in 10 years (but that I thought it was 6 or 7, time will pass when we are not paying attention!) and I returned for my father’s funeral.

Such a long trip to make under such sad and heavy news.  

It was a trip pf such mixed and unexpected emotions; who knew losing a parent would feel like this?  Who knew that in my sorrow for my dad I would find an enormous amount of love and compassion for my mum?

Who knew that when something happens out of the box, unexpectedly and so hard to take in, that years of stories, resentments, disappointments and wishes for it to be different would vanish only to be replaced by updated stories viewed in a new light of compassion and understanding, the type that can only come from experience and time on the planet, along with an event such as my father’s death.

Just writing those words seems weird, “My father’s death.”  I am still trying to integrate what it all means in the grand scheme of things.

He has always been such a big figure in my life, even across the distance of years and continents.

10 years ago I faced my own mortality when I nearly died in the house fire, this time around I face it again only in the light of my mum walking her path alone now, her best friend and husband of 45 years no longer there when she comes home from feeding the horse or walking the dog.

It is the cruel paradox of being together for so long that ultimately one will be left without the other.  One day that will me me or Cemaaj, it will be you, or your partner or your child, friend, or parent!our one day will come.

And when it does the only thing that will matter are the people you leave behind and the lives you touched along the way.

Mum and dad lived and worked together for 45 years, retiring 15 years ago at the age of 48 and 55.  They really were best of friends and rarely even spent a night apart.  Listening to my brother read the eulogy took me back to my roots.

Values, principles and morals, all popular subjects in our upbringing and always manners, manners maketh man we were always told.

We don’t know when our light will go out, or that of the ones we love.

It’s not about how long we live but how we live in the time we have.  Living is not something to start tomorrow or when you lose 15lbs or when the kids have grown or the house is paid off or you retire, blah blah~life is for living NOW.

At the end of the day, or on our last breath, all that will matter is the way we treated the people and the planet around us.

And though ultimately someone else will write your eulogy they can only write then what you live, do and be NOW.

So let me ask you again, what will your eulogy say?  Have you ever given it some thought?

And if you want to really get into it why not sit down with a candle and some incense and write your eulogy?  You might be surprised at what you come up with and we would love to hear, so let us know down below.

Thank you for bearing with me on this one, life’s cycles playing full out.

In memory of my dad, I love you so very much, I see your eyes as the blue sky and your breath as the wind and I dedicate each day to live, love and serve.

Live, Love and be Loved