What’s Stopping You From Getting Started?

It's Not About Getting It Right, It's About Getting Started

I first heard this quote from Mike Litman and it has been one of my go to quotes since that time.

Think about it, how many times do you plan to get something done and then keep putting it off? What stops you from just doing it and getting it done?

I bet that when you do make a plan and do not get it done you probably (if you are like me) beat yourself up for not doing it. It takes so much energy to circumnavigate this vicious cycle. You know the one that says, I don't know how to do it or I am not good enough or Why would people listen to me.

Whatever your own inner Gremlin Gatekeeper (GG) whispers to you, there becomes a time when you just have to have to tell your inner GG to shut up and leave you alone and get it started.

There is something magikal about taking action. Making that first step from thinking about and planning to do something to actually starting it. As the Chinese proverb says, Every 1000 mile journey starts with the first step or the runners mantra that the hardest part of running is, the first step out of the door, the same is true about the project or thing that you are not getting done.

Conversely there is something very detrimental about making agreements with ourselves that we do not carry out. Talk about adding fuel to your inner GGs dialogue as it starts saying things like Yeah yeah, you always say you're going to do it but you never follow through or I'll believe that when I see it. The list goes on but you get my drift.

Our thoughts become who we are, it is our direct communication from our deep inside to the outside world. We are we what we think. Our only boundaries are those that lie within us.

So if you resonate with this isn't it time you changed the tape of your mind, gave yourself a little mindset shift and planned for success rather than the usual procrastination. Nothing feels better than starting (and finishing) something you don't look forward to. And most times it's not even as bad as we thought it would be, talk about another waste of our thoughts and energy!

Doing taxes is one big example that springs to mind. It's not as if we don't when they are due yet many of us, myself included, rush at the last minute to get them done as if we just heard they were due. All the time we think about doing them could be invested in taking the first step, like getting the receipts together or finding last years return. The second step is always easier than the first one.

Taking action means we no longer have to worry about when or how we are going to do something. It can no longer make us sit bolt upright in the middle of the night with the thought, How am I going to get this done. It steals the power from our inner GG and starts rewriting our internal tapes.

So here is what I do in these times:

1. Make a plan I know I can stick with, this way I am planning for success at the beginning

2. Write down the steps required to get it done

3. Break down the task by chunking, remember it doesn't have to get done in one sitting, it just has to get started. Sometimes that is as simple as organizing your desk so that you can start the task the next day

4. I remind myself of the feeling of the results rather than the process it requires (if you saw yesterdays post we talked about looking at the result rather than the process)

5. Work within my power hours when I know something has to be done

How about you, how do you deal with procrastination? I would love to know.

To your greatest health and wealth