When life gets too much, let the tears roll I say. And now I share my tears LIVE on camera! Deep breath Shiv, vulnerable share ahead.

Sat nam my love

I can’t think that I ever thought there would be a time I would cry and post it for the world to see, but then again there are many things in my life that I might never have thought possible, yet here I am. So today, is the other side of the happy Shiv coin, we all have two sides right?

I used to hide my despair and suppress it with constantly trying to prove I was a success by working harder and harder, hiding feelings under food, alcohol and drugs and generally sabotaging any chance I had of well being. Can you relate? J

It took me until I was 34 to really cry, and now I let the tears roll when they come calling at my eyelids. Join me as I sit in the car, early in the morning, mid cry that lasted 3 hours. Maybe you won’t feel as alone anymore. It takes strength to shed tears, so let them roll and let your power fill up the space they create. Tune in and see my tears roll.

I wasn’t sure if I would regret posting it on YouTube but of course our comunity over there were just darlings and left me notes of love to wake up to the next day, so I wanted to share this with you. I do so in the hope we can all let the tears roll so we can move on in our lives. Too many tears are suppressed and it’s time to let them roll. So let me start you off, i let mine roll and remember we aren’t here to get it right we are here to experience life as a human being feeling their way on the planet.

I’d love you to share your thoughts, can we see tears as another avenue to our power and deep soul desires, rather than suppressing them with habits that we don’t want but use to get through? I sure hope so, let the tears roll I say, whether you know why or not, everything is calmer after tears, and in a calm state you see more clearly. And when you see more clearly you make better decisions, and when you make better decisions, well life just gets better, isn’t that what we are here for after all?

Sending love from my tear stained heart to yours
Sat nam

  1. mellissa jelks says:

    You are the darling. I cried with you here.. Thank you for bearing your inner light for all of us to see. We love you Shiv – Much Love from Arkansas – Mis

    • Shiv says:

      This is why I can share what I share, because of kind souls like you and Jennifer, and then we all get to know we are not alone. Thanks my love, sending love to you both Sat nam Shiv