Whose Rules Are You Playing By?


"Stop daydreaming!" How many times have you heard that? Maybe you have even said it to someone. What is wrong with daydreaming. Dreams are where we can come alive, where our goals can germinate and give rise to our greatness and the unique gift that lies within each of us.

And even for those that do dare to day dream, the Dare Dreamers, it can sometimes be challenging to bring those dreams into the real world and set goals.

Goals come in all shapes and sizes. There are the short term goals that help us toward our long term goals and then there is the BIG one, the goal of all goals, the one that is our raison d'etre.

It is the latter that I want to talk about today. The BIG one, the one that get us excited and a little scared all at the same time. The one that we almost dare not dream but we are Dare Dreamers and dare to dream our dreams right?

It seems that setting short to mid-term goals is not as problematic for people as the big one. We are often raised to "play small" and "know our place." At least I was. Yes I was told if I worked hard I could do anything but the implied message was "so long as that anything is within the rules, specifically our rules."

I tried the working hard for 17 years. I worked my butt off (though actually my butt got bigger so that's not quite true-LOL.) And I found I didn't enable me to do anything I wanted, there were definite rules for what I could and could not do and someone else (my employer) pulled my strings. Stay inside the rules and maintain the status quo just "don't rock the boat."

I hate rules, really. I like rocking the boat! I tried living to others rules and it just sent me over the edge. My body reacted and gained weight, my mind went crazy and turned to alcohol and drugs, and my Spirit just wept silently deep inside my Soul. There I was in my mid 30s and living a truly sad life.

Dreams were for other people and the movie screen. By becoming a lawyer and maintaining the status quo I had traded in my option to dream.

The day I left corporate I vowed to live my dream. I didn't know what that dream was other than to be happy and help others but I did know that as long as I stayed in that role my dreams would only be more stifled.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in this journey is that you don't always need to know what you want but if you know what you don't want and eliminate that, you are on the way to finding out what it is that you do want.

Universe cannot create in a space that is already filled, be it your employment, your relationships or whatever area of your life you want to make change in. Settle for something else and She cannot do anything. Clear the space and just watch what She is capable of doing.

What are you dreams? Have you settled when you deserve more? Do you have your BIG goal, your own unique raison d'etre?

Tomorrow we will be looking at how to start becoming crystal clear on our goals and how create a plan to achieve them. Will you join me, become a Dare Dreamer with me, let's rock the boat and make waves in the world, what do think? Now is the time, the time is NOW.

To your life on purpose and with passion.